About us...

Our forefathers have been involved in the crafts for many generations. We arrived in the United States in the early 1800’s from the north of England, from the town of Crewe, on the river Crewe, thus our surname is Cruey, which is derived by incorrect court recording from the 1800’s census.

Our family forefathers where wagon smiths until the event of the automobile. At that time we were fractured into other like trades and crafts, such as, metal smiths, woodwrights, and involved in the automotive industry. Our family has remained as metal smiths through out the transitional periods of America.

Here at Artistic Iron and Forge we have two generations of metal smiths at work, creating beautiful, and utilitarian ironwork for the home. We are considered house smith, however, we commonly are more artistic and creative in our work.

From works of art, to one of a kind, gates, and railings, here at Artistic Iron and Forge, if it is iron, we can forge and fabricate your ultimate conception, from design to installation.

Artistic Iron and Forge is one of the last working blacksmith shops in the Houston area, We can take raw iron, and by heat, and hammer, work it into one of a kind designs, with a hand worked detail that is not found in machine made ironwork from the impersonal production lines in the 3rd world.

Thank you for considering hand made craftsmanship, in America, by Americans, Thank you for supporting the Arts and Crafts in your area.


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